Beer Run

My lads are fightin' 'ard against the greenskins. There ain't but one thing that'll get 'em to fight harder and that's a pint o' ale. Word has it that Orgrin Swifthammer up at Grand Thewn Watch has a few barrels of Redhammer's Finest on hand. Go an' see about that beer. Though be sure t' mind those Ironclaw Orcs surroundin' the tower. Ye may have to cut your way through 'em t' get the beer, but a beardling like you should enjoy that! Well, what are you waitin' for? We're so parched our tongues are near dry as our beards!
Travel to Gran Thewn Watch, and fight your way through the greenskins storming the tower. Speak to Orgrin Swifthammer on the tower roof.
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