Wie auch zuvor nicht übersetzt, da ich vermute, dass an diesen wenig Interesse besteht, bitte korrigiert mich falls ich mich irren sollte.
  • Dana
    • [4865] NPC: Fixed the SubType of the "Repeater Bolt Throwers".
    • [4599] NPC: "White Lions" are fixed.
    • [4843] Quest: "The Threat Revealed" Fixed the condition and the questmarker. Also checked the future quest steps for bugs and fixed some.
    • [4881] NPC: Removed 4 duplicated spawns of "Commander Richtenstaad".
    • [4871] Quest: You can now complete "Dangerous Assumptions".
    • [4882] NPC: "Bloody Sun Boy" removed the Orc model.
  • Genisaurus
    • [4770] Item: Fixed missing stats on Thighbinds of the Braggart.
  • Meralors
    • [203] Quest: Door have been fixed, you can now complete quest.
    • [38] Quest: Can now be completed without having to use inventory item.
    • [299] Modified pathing seems to have solved the problem.
    • [313] PQ: Fixed PQ chest ghost spawn
    • [389] All npc in camp are destruction sided and have the correct level
    • [4876] This will be fixed with next patch with all other siege weapons in warcamp
  • RyanMakara
    • [4790] Item: Accidentally added item in the trophy shop has been removed.
    • [4791] Item: Rappin of the Eternal can now have other cloak appearances applied to it.
    • [4863] ToK: Kill 1,000 Dark Elves now awards the appropriate Tome Unlock.
    • [4885] GO: Memorial Plaque no longer has a bugged tome unlock assigned to it.
  • Torquemadra
    • [4772] Quest: Fixed marauder rewards.
    • [4777] NPC: Applied appropriate type and subtype, now butcherable.
    • [4782] ToK: Applied title 10597 (The Anarchist) reward to ToK unlock 3465 (The History of the Empire)
    • [4786] NPC: Removed item Fighter's Bigchoppa of Conquest (12984335) from sale from bestial token vendor Disciple Painbearer (1728).
    • [4722] NPC: Removed duplicate spawn of Mirithas lirenor (35974)
    • [4723] Item: Made Book of the March (30215) WP specific.
    • [4724] NPC: Fixed Beast Tamers (1403) to appropriate race and attire.
    • [4787] Item: Defender's Depraved robe now has a shared item code so will show relevant appearance for relevant class.
    • [4788] Item: Added either hand designation to Dark Xiphos of Change.
    • [4778] PQ: Added chest co ords to Stoneclaw Keep and associated information to make the chest functional in a keep take.
    • [4801] Item: Added tali slot item 472309
    • [4807] Item: Added great weapon item skills 2097153 to weapon.
    • [4809] Item: Added correct appearance to Spite's Throatlatch (475910) and a tali slot.
    • [4812] Item: Added correct appearance to Bonerender's Embracers (527961)
    • [4818] Item: Added great weapon item skills 2097154 to weapon.
    • [4840] Item: Added great weapon item skills 2105344 to weapon.
    • [4823] Item: Removed template bow skin from several goblin tier 1 bows, replaced with appropriate model.
    • [4815] Item(s): Added appropriate model ID for two choppa helms.
    • [4832] Scenario: Created new GO "Hero Grave" (200004) with correct model (1587), information cloned from Grave (GO 189) and replaced as Proto entry in scenario_objects. Duplicated GO (189) spawn information for map 139 and overlaid onto two GO (200004) spawns.
    • [4834] NPC: Convinced White Lions (2166) that they were beautiful enough and had no need to play dress up.
    • [4854] Quest: Added correct NPC Grrlac (35908) to kill mission requirements. Added Quest marker, removed duplicate Khargon.
    • [4867] Reduced level of NPC mob (635) to appropriate levels for pq spawn cycles.
    • [4866] Increased guard count at High Pass order WC.