Warhammer Online Wie Keaven Freeman in den offiziellen Foren erwähnte, ist Patch 1.4.5a mit folgenden Änderungen bei den internen Tests angelangt. Alle Übersetzungen sind inoffiziell. Kampagne und Relike:
  • “Augment Alliance,” fortress buff indicator, detailing which buffs are active on you and which point they came from
  • Chance to earn Insignia Clusters of player kills when your realm controls both GvD relics
  • Behind-the-scenes improvements to how the system tracks relics across zones
  • Behind-the-scenes improvements to how relics spawn in at fortresses
  • Placement of Generals inside the fortress has been improved
  • Barriers have been added to the top of the fortresses, preventing access to the relic(s). These barriers are linked to the Relic Guardian, who must be killed in order to bring the barriers down
  • Relic Guardians have had their loot tables changed to include a wider variety of items, including Hybrid Seeds
  • A new UI window, allowing you to track: who owns a fortress and its various sub points; for the pairing you’re in, a relic tracker to show you which zone the relic is in right now (for the two pairings you’re not in, the relic tracker simply reports the relic’s location is “distant”); which relics are under your realms control and which are under the enemies control
  • A Relic Bonus indicator on the character portrait to alert you to what bonuses you have due to relic control
  • Play-as-Monster Packmaster now has a cleansing aura, “Enduring Warpstone Charm,” which will remove one Ailment from up to 3 group or warband members every 10 seconds
  • Play-as-Monster Packmaster has had the AP costs of his heals lowered
PvE und Wälzeranpassungen:
  • The Dragon Princes: Typos in this History and Lore entry have been corrected.
  • Ursun: This entry should unlock appropriately when entering the correct area.
  • Corruption: Upon successfully completing Stage 3, the appropriate entry will unlock in the WAR Story.
  • Devastator's Chestpiece and Shoulders: These items will now unlock the correct entry.
  • One Part Agony, Three Parts Cold Wrought Iron: This entry should now correctly remove the necessary items and requires all 3, rather than 1.
  • Blood Rite: Urghu Redhorn should respawn more regularly.
  • Bone Giant - Part of Parts: Brulgulrach the Unliving now looks like a proper Bone Giant.
  • Talk of the Town: This Tome of Knowledge entry can be unlocked once again.
  • Ssrydian Morbidae, when killed, will now grant credit as a Chaos Human, not a Nurgling.
  • Praag: Typos in the Noteworthy Persons description have been corrected.
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