Warhammer Online Am 03. April gibt es einen "Wayback Wednesday", einen Livestream, indem Fragen gestellt werden können. Wir sammeln diese Woche ebenfalls für diesen gleich hier im Anhang, da er die Fragen&Antwortenrunde des kommenden Freitags ersetzt. Abgabetermin ist der 1. April. Kevin Calvert schrieb in den offiziellen Foren:
We're having some difficulties with PTS. Our previous process has had a hiccup which makes things take even longer and more difficult than it already was.
Yes, we are closer to getting PTS working. No, I don't have an ETA yet. When we get things working, it will have the following changes: The following spells will add Weapon DPS to their damage calculations: Black Orc War Bellows and Swordmaster Blade Enchants have been changed to the following: A quick side note: I am currently working on several changes to the Black Orc and Swordmaster. More than I had planned. These will not make it to PTS during the first push, but I am hoping to get them there before we patch so that everyone can try them out and help find any bugs that we missed. Blogosphäre