WAR Im Forum hat sich Kevin Calvert zu mehreren Fragen im Bezug auf das Balancing geäußert. Nach dem vollen Zitateblock gibt es die Zusammenfassung weiter unten.
Kevin Calvert wrote...
Althirion wrote... Sapping Strike Positive: The ability appears to be working, with both AP being drain and be transfered to the Swordmaster. Issues: This ability deals physical damage, please could you change this to spirit damage to match all the other perfect balance abilities. Queries: It would be nice to know if this ability will be 50 ap drained and 50 ap returned or 100/50. Also will this ability be 10 seconds or 5 seconds cooldown?
It is supposed to be 100 AP Drain, 50 AP Recovered, with a 6 second cooldown. Also, I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... Protection of Hoeth Positive: The abiltiy seems to work about as well as the White Lion's pounce ability and I imagine this is the best we can hope for. Issues: I had some problems pouncing to other Swordmasters, the ability would fire and the protection applied to the other Swordmaster but I would not pounce over to it. Queries: Could you confirm the duration of the protection buff applied and the amount the incomming damage will be reduced by?
I broke the Pounce and the Protect out into 2 separate components. The issue with pounce (as many WLs have already commented) is that it is unreliable. I can't fix the reliability. So I'm dividing up the 2 components so that they will still apply when the CD fires. It wasn't really a conscious decision... but now that it's done, I'm not unhappy with it. Protection buff should be at 4 seconds and 20% dmg reduction (or down to 80% of the incoming damage). Unfortunately due to the way that I have to set up the values, the tooltip will state it in the "reduce damage to 80%" wierd wordiness.
Althirion wrote... Aeythric Armour Issues: This ability is completely broken, it doesn't work in any way as intended :D
It is working, you just aren't seeing it. Have someone hit you and you should see the absorb. But don't worry, I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... Blade Enchantments Heaven's Blade: The proc seems to work and is both debuffing and buffing by the correct amounts. My only issue is the armour debuff and buffs do not stack with any other buffs or debuffs. This is definitely an issue for the Black Orc who already has an armour debuff through "Wot Armor". Phantom's Blade: The proc seems to work as intended. Nature's Blade: The proc seems to work as intended. This would appear to be the weaker of the enchantments, due to its random nature in procing. It becomes unreliable in debuffing the correct stats for the target. For example if my target is a Choppa I would want the Strength and Weapon skill debuff to apply. Please consider making the Debuffs grouped, ie (Strength + Weapon Skill+Balistic Skill), (Toughness and Initiative), (Intelligence and Will power)
I'll consider grouping them. It would make it easier, but arbitrary. Which ones fit well together? Are you sure BS doesn't belong with Int, since they are both RDPS? Grouping them would probably be better than just buffing the value. The debuffs and buffs are not meant to stack. Even the BO armor debuff shouldn't stack with the proc. Although "Wot Armor" won't matter, because I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... Remaining Issues with the class: 1. Still no useful single target knock back! Please increase the distance on the Foreceful Shock tactic.
I don't know if I will need to do that. You'll see what I mean. I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... 2. Durations on Eagles Flight and Dragons Talon are still too short. Either increase the duration or increase the potency of the effect. ie make Dragons Talon a 50% damage debuff and Eagles Flight a 50% parry increase.
There are some changes planned for those abilities. Not exactly what you suggested but just remember I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... 3. Pheonix Wing is still useless. Please do something with this ability, perhaps a group damage increaser or group incomming crit damage reduction. Basically something of similar power and usefulness as crippling strikes on chosen or dirty tricks on the Knight.
You know, I have plans for that ability. If you recall, I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... 4. Crashing Wave is still too far up the Vaul tree. Please move this vital CC skill down the tree.
Other than instant gratification and lag, is there any reason for the KD to happen on the first hit? I need to know before I work on this ability. It hasn't moved down the tree because I haven't heard a good answer to that question, so I'm not done yet.
Althirion wrote... 5. No outgoing healdebuff. Please introduce an outgoing heal debuff, you could alter the Calming Winds tactic in the Hoeth tree to accomodate it.
Read the answer to question 3.
Althirion wrote... 6. The Vaul tree is now worthless in rvr (apart from Crashing Wave) considering what you have added to Khaine and Hoeth. Please look at buffing the skills in that tree.
I don't know. That sounds like a great reason to keep CW at the top of the tree. *pause for dramatic effect* I've considered this, after all I'm not done yet.
Sarmaul wrote... Assuming the BO changes come in, next up should be the splitting of Not In Da Face into two skills. CD increase good Group Unstoppable good Both on same skill pointless Group Unstoppable could (should!) be moved into Da Boss tree, potentially as part of a replacement to the currently useless version of Waaagh! we have.
Holy smokes! Are you psychic?
Torgin wrote... I'm just going off of what the devs told me (after most players made the assumption that WL and mara were mirrors). SW is the mirror of marauder, WL is the mirror of SH, so I suppose SW should get monstro proc and a wounds debuff in an upcoming patch. ~Lednail RR100 WL of Badlands
Who told you that? I have said in the past that their mechanics are mirrored cross-archtype. The SW and SH are as close as you can get to mirroring the career without having the same mechanics. The WL and Mara are as far from being mirrors as you can get. However, if you want to misinterpret any of that, here is my disclaimer. I was not involved in the design of any career. I only get to read about the designs and/or changes that were done before me and try to understand why those decisions were made.
Penril wrote... The skill is unreliable. This is probly the reason WLs pounce doesnt have a CD (even though i never had problems with it; some people insist it is as broken as BOs). If the skill fails, 30 secs is too much time.
I found a little something that might help with the reliability. I've stealth patched PTS... try it out. Also, try out the WL pounce too if you can reliably reproduce the reliability issue they have. Let me know.
Grumcajs wrote... /clap looks like BO pounce works great. jump, higher ground, rock... great job
So I was originally going to try to find a way so that the CD would not fire if the pounce didn't fire. And if I got that working for the SM/BO, then I'd put it on the WL pounce too. While I was exploring that, I found the fix which was a much simpler solution than I was expecting.
Tsuul wrote... Assuming the reliability is fixed, I guess the next step is to put in a CD on pounce. =P
At the moment, I want video proof that it is still broken on PTS. Sounds contrary? I know. But I want to see it not working... because then I will be justified at not putting a CD on Pounce. Until I get such proof, yes, a CD on pounce is probably a good idea. Not going to happen today. Back to the Swordmaster and Black Orc!
Tsuul wrote... My statement was completely tongue in cheek, I will be forwarding all hatemail to Penril.
So was mine. But when I revisit WL, I'll consider putting a CD on it... but I want to make sure it is fixed first. Possibly throw on a short root or snare, since the pounce does take a while to get there. I don't know... too much to think about right now.
Schwertmeister Schwarzork Der Gruppen-Unaufhaltsam(unstopable)-Buff wird wohl in den "Da Boss"-Baum wandern und dort möglicherweise "Waaagh!" ersetzen Alle Sprünge Alle Sprünge sollten nun auf dem PTS gefixt sein. Weißer Löwe Sprung: Sollte die Zuverlässigkeit nun gefixt sein, erhält die Fähigkeit möglicherweise einen Cooldown und einen kurzen Festhalte- oder Verlangsamungseffekt, sobald der Weiße Löwe angegangen wird.