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I want there to be more risk for reward on the BW/Sorc mechanic. To offset this, I've also made sure that Meltdown/Dhar Winds scales too. Maybe too much, but those numbers can be adjusted fairly quickly. I have made Turrets/Daemons castable on the move. This should make Mag/Eng a bit more mobile, but I feel that this is hardly a change at all. It's really more of a quality of life thing. The difficulty with these careers is that their mechanics are similar(ish) and their roles are supposedly similar, but Engies deal Physical damage and Magus deals Magical damage. The reason this is an issue will become apparent... I have added Weapon DPS to several Single Target abilities on BW, Sorc and Magus. This is a test to see how things work, and if the numbers are working well I will continue the process. I'm not sure if I want AOE to ever have WDPS added, but I might. The continuation would be more likely with Healers. Heals and DPS on Healers does not (usually) benefit from WDPS and that's why the LOTD weapons have become their crutch. WAIT. I know this is a point of contention, but a bug should not be a crutch and now that we have a fix for the bug in our sights, I don't want magic users to feel that they get the short end of the stick. That being said, I see why they never had WDPS added: magic resists can't get as high as armor in terms of pure damage mitigation percentages. This is only the start, it was not a big change and I have full documentation and can revert the changes. This is NOT written in stone. But like green eggs and ham, I want you to try it first.
Kevin Calvert
And now to continue what I was talking about: Changes to SM/BO. The final set of changes, and these are what I consider the big changes, are on the Swordmaster and Black Orc. The Black Orc, thankfully, doesn't need as much work as the Swordmaster, but I am trying to get more abilities to mirror between them. There will still be some abilities which are non-mirrored, especially racially specific ones. I think the total number of abilities that I will change is going to be around 6 plus the Enchant/Bellows. A quick note before I go further. Upgrade levels are not necessarily your level. They are some complex and silly calculation that ends up being about 25 at max career rank. That's true for some stats but for damage it might be different. Heaven's Blade, Da Greenest (Group Support) - All your melee attacks gain a 25% chance to reduce all of your target's resists and armor by (numbers still being crunched) for 10 seconds. You and your group will gain that much (or a percentage of) that resist and armor for 10 seconds. Phantom's Blade, Da Toughest (Tank) - All your melee attacks gain a 25% chance to reduce your target's wounds by (-3 * upgrade level) for 10 seconds. You and your group will gain that many wounds for 10 seconds. I'm debating on changing the wounds down to -2 instead of -3, but it feels too low for Tier 4. Nature's Blade, Da Biggest (Great weapon Tree) - This one stays the same... except the amount has been changed. It was previously -3 * upgrade level, it will now be -4 * upgrade level. Additional changes? I'm going to add a short range charge ability similar to pounce but not so high up in the air. I'm still trying to work out how high off the ground, how far away, how much damage it will do, etc. It will probably require spec into the Khaine/Brawler tree. It might include a very very very short duration snare. The following have not happened yet, but I'm trying to get them done in time for PTS next week whenever. I would like to move a few abilities around to make sure that each spec has 2 abilities in each stance/plan and 1 ability that does not require a stance/plan but still benefits from spec upgrade. I would like to move the group Unstoppable buff into the Hoeth/Boss tree since it is Group Support. I would like knockdowns and Damage Mitigation to be in the Vaul/Da Toughest tree. I would like to slightly increase some of the damage numbers on abilities that require Great Weapons. Maybe. I'm not convinced about this one yet.
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