WAR Keaven Freeman erwähnt, dass das Liveevent noch laufen wird, bis der gesamte Bogen aus zusammenhängenden Liveevents abgeschlossen ist und die offizielle Information wird bis Ende der Woche verfügbar sein.(1) Ebenfalls gibt es möglicherweise Änderungen an Teil 1 des Liveevents, wenn Teil 2 startet.(2) Tim Chappell stellt sich als neuer Community Manager vor:(3)
I wanted to take a moment to say hello. Things have been pretty busy around here and I apologize I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself. - Kai had some very large shoes to fill so it’s been a roller coaster ride getting everything aligned. I'm afraid I don't have any news to share other then I am going to try and have more of a presence here on the forums and I will have the live event info up on the Herald as soon as I get it. I know you were hoping for some more interesting news regarding a trip to GW, but unfortunately I was stuck here in VA with the cold weather. I'm sure Keaven has some info to share regarding that as soon as he is able. I am a huge fan of war and was originally hired as a CSR (CSR Fiper) before the launch and supported it up until a year ago when I was brought into the community team. Some of my fondest memories are running around Nordland and hunting Twinks.
Videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdqiV66Onq4