Wie jeden Freitag(leider diese Mal mit durch mich verschuldete Verspätung) die Fragen und Antworten von kevin und Keaven. Ebenfalls sind diese Fragen in den offiziellen Foren, bei etaew und Blameche zu finden.
IDRINTH: Would an in-realm duel option (without rewards) be possible? KEAVEN: The concept of in-fighting runs counter to the unified front each Realm is supposed to be presenting to the enemy. There are conceptual ways to work around this, of course, such as a Training Yard in the Cities, but as Kevin said, we don’t currently have the resources to set something like that up; It would require a great deal of work at pretty deep levels at this point.
Anscheinend sind Duelle aktuell keine Option, da der Aufwand zu groß ist.
FOZEE: Burning Elixir causes latency and performance issues, plus they’re commonly used to unfairly win fights that would otherwise be balanced. Are we going to see these toned down? KEVIN: We find that it tends to help the underdog come back from a no-win battles. We feel that this is preferable over having the underdog demoralized by continuously loosing at no-win battles. The performance issues seem to occur mostly during high population situations. This is partially due to the behavior of AOEs and pets in those situations. These sorts of problems (from my understanding) led to the removal of Fortresses. However in this case, I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and I would rather leave the item as it is. KEAVEN: The short answer is, No. There was a huge influx of Burning Elixir usage recently, since it was part of the first compensation item giveaway. Now that the majority of those have been consumed, we’re seeing instances of Aspects of Fire on the battlefield returning to normal. Vendor sales of the Elixir haven’t been extraordinary, so, as Kevin said, we feel the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.
Da "burning Elixirs" der unterlegenden Seite heöfen und deren Anzahl nach der Etschädigung wieder auf ein Normalmaß geschrumpft ist, werden diese weder entfernt noch angepasst.
GIUSEPPE: Since release, there are, in WAR, some areas close to the Tier 4 that are almost totally unknown, unused and deserted. Have you ever considered the idea of expanding or extending the RvR lake to these areas or to the part of maps dedicated to PvE? KEVIN: Yes, indeed we have! Thank you for asking! KEAVEN: When we used to have RvR servers (where all of the zones were open for RvR) they didn’t do too well. The idea is nice, in theory, but what ends up happening is the population is spread over such a big area, that it can become very difficult to find anyone to fight. That being said, however, we are open to the idea of extending the existing RvR areas for special occasions, to give new places to fight without oversaturating your options.
Während Interesse and der Nutzung von freien Flächen für RvR besteht, werden diese wohl nur während besonderer Ereignisse freigegeben werden um die Spielerverteilung ausreichend klein zu halten, damit es Kämpfe gibt.
BLAMECHE: Could PvE PQs be promoted somehow to encourage their use? such as rewarding with a healthy amount of Ordnance / Skulls or Crests? KEVIN: That sounds interesting. Ordnance and Skulls of the Fallen are starting to see a bit of a comeback and we wouldn’t mind putting a few of those secondary rewards out there. KEAVEN: Not a bad idea. That’s something we could do pretty easily.
PQs könnten relativ einfach mit weiterem Nutzen versehen werden, zumbeispiel mit Crests oder Schädeln der Gefallenen. Es wird als interessante idee bezeichnet.
ETAEW: I understand a reason for displaying who is under the effect of the Edge Stone but could there be an option to disable the effect on your client? It does not look good. KEVIN: To disable the effect, simply remove the item. J I didn’t pick that effect for the Edge Stone, but I really like the fact that to gain one of the biggest buffs in the game, you have to wear a huge sign that shows it. KEAVEN: You already have the ability to prevent effects from displaying on your client: Go to the Video tab under User Settings, then under Performance press the Customize button. In the dialog that pops up, use the dropdown next to “Play ability effects on” and set it to “None.”
Der Grafikeffekt von "Edge Stone" kann nur in den Grafikeinstellungen des Spiels deaktiviert werden.